ENLACE New Mexico

MSC06 3765
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Physical Location:
Mesa Vista Hall
Suite 1060

Phone: (505) 277-5481

Leadership and Development

Leadership and professional development activities support the growth of our next generation of leaders by promoting skills they can utilize and exhibit to others. The goal is to support a variety of initiatives that allow students to develop leadership skills and receive professional development, encouraging success and opportunities. An emphasis is placed on developing networks and fostering partnerships. The Central Region strives to advance these skills through multiple workshops, activities, and campus visits for our high school students. 

Initiatives include:

The SPARX & Lorenzo Antonio Scholarship

ENLACE continues to support the SPARX & Lorenzo Antonio Scholarship by awarding 20 students with $1,000 each for the academic year to pursue higher education. The students are highlighted at beautiful Route 66 Casino and Resort during the Annual SPARX & Lorenzo Antonio Foundation Scholarship Concert for a magical evening highlighted by creativity and culture to support the important educational pursuits of our developing scholars and emerging community leaders.

Unidos Project

ENLACE continues to collaborate with the Unidos Project, which is focused on creating a culture of collaboration and collective impact across numerous entities to achieve its overall goal of producing 55,000 post-secondary degrees and credentials for Latinos in Bernalillo County by the year 2025. The goal can only be met by increasing Latino high school graduation rates, enrolling more Latinos in post-secondary education, and graduating more Latinos from our institutions of higher education.

Summer Law Camp

In collaboration with the University of New Mexico’s College Enrichment and Outreach Programs, the New Mexico Hispanic Bar Association and ENLACE New Mexico, 24 middle school students are invited to participate in Summer Law Camp! Program participants experienced college life through a week-long program focusing on the development of complex skills in research, conducting a trial, critical thinking, team building, leadership and techniques of persuasion and debate.

MANA Hermanitas

ENLACE New Mexico has continued its support of MANA de Albuquerque’s Hermanitas Mentoring program. Hermanitas serves 11-18 year-old girls through mentorship focused on leadership development, community service, and advocacy. ENLACE continued to support students during the 2017–2018 academic year through collaborative efforts and scholarship support.

ENLACE aims to make these remarkable experiences mold the dreams of our students.