ENLACE New Mexico

MSC06 3765
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Physical Location:
Mesa Vista Hall
Suite 1060

Phone: (505) 277-5481

Student Success Initiatives

High School Success Program 

The ENLACE High School Success Program aims to serve a wider range of students within Albuquerque Public Schools (APS). The creation of strong relationships with school administators has contributed to the Student Success Initiatives program being able to secure space at six Albuquerque high schools to administer programming. Four ENLACE mentors work at each site with a cohort of students with whom they interact on a daily basis. These interactions may occur during or after school. Mentors will also meet with teachers to determine why a student is not performing at their highest potential. During visits, the mentors may provide students with tutoring, advice on preparing for college, or a friendly ear when one is needed. Mentors often share their own success stories with the students. These success stories help greatly in demonstrating to students that, "someone just like me" can not only graduate from high school, but go on to enjoy the benefits of higher education.

College Preparatory Workshops

ENLACE conducted a series of college preparatory workshops at each of the six schools. Workshops are marketed school-wide to any student in receiving guiding instruction that can assist them in their journey to higher education. Workshops are conducted by ENLACE's undergraduate mentoring team as they have the most current and relevant experience navigating the higher education system. College preparatory topics include FAFSA preparation and completion, study tips and techniques, resume building and development, interview skills, and scholarship reviews. Workshops are tailored provide meaningful information to each high school student regardless of their grade, as we understand the necessity of early preparation.

ENLACE New Mexico Legislative Internship

The ENLACE New Mexico Legislative Intership program is designed to give students an extraordinary experience at the New Mexico State Capitol. This week-long internship unites students from across the Land of Enchantment to learn about and experience state government in ways the classroom cannot provide. Not only do students learn about government at a state level, but also learn how to make an impact in the decision-making process. Students are given the opportunity to select legislation of interest and are guided through the process of influencing our state leaders. Students learn about the power of their voice and that one individual can in fact make a difference in the way legislation will affect them an their community. During their week-long internship experience, students have the opportunity to meet and shadow government officials in their executive, judicial, and legislative branches.